Well here goes...

It's been awhile. I've had this blog set up for probably 5 months and am just now getting around to posting our first blog. But here it goes! Our first post ever...

This will be short and sweet.
For our Family and Friends who know us.... Hey!
For everyone else, we're Meg and Lizzie! (You can find out more about us in the link above)
We invite you all to join us in following the journey of our dream. The dream to one day own our own business. Along the way we'll be sharing our thoughts and hopes for the business, sharing bits and pieces of our life, and coming up with new and exciting DIY's and recipes! 
Keep checking back for new posts and feel free to comment and follow us! 

Before we sign off, meet our AMAZING family :) 

Love is Sweet, 
        Meg and Lizzie


Work in progress...

The sites down for a bit...sorry for the inconvenience! :)